New Solutions for growth in companies: We find them - with curiosity and a spirit of discovery.

We are management consultants for growth strategies and specialized in digital transformation, sales, marketing, business development and innovation.

From different perspectives, we first analyze the situation of the client. With the knowledge gained, we identify the “white spots“ of his eco system - and therefore its potentials.

We call this advisory approach “minimal invasive“:
We want to support our clients without burdening their resources.



Innovation management is essentially built on two pillars:

First, there is the improvement of framework conditions to ensure that ideas can originate from everywhere in the company and become successful innovations. This goes naturally hand in hand with the development and change processes of the company.  

Second, there is the actual innovation, which involves the active search, development and implementation of ideas. This requires creativity and excellent project management.    

For both pillars, Clear Cube supports its customers with methods and formats, which turn the innovations into a real growth engine.


These classic corporate functions are ideal growth centers. Where is the unexploited potential in the sales department? Which marketing instruments offer additional possibilities? How can communication become a catalyst for growth?

We explore the “white spots“ in the sales and marketing department in a detailed analysis and develop strategies to exploit these potentials.


What does digital transformation mean for your company? How can you exploit the chances of digitalization? What are the strategies you will use to meet the risks?
We explore your company and the corresponding industry, we observe the market, clients and society, we prepare future scenarios and we develop a digitalization strategy, which will then be refined in the idea phase. In the subsequent development phase, we will translate the results in a way that single concrete initiatives can be described in detail and implemented efficiently to finally enter the market.


It doesn’t matter, how and where growth is to be generated in the company - it always comes with a change in organization. If the content of the work or the form of organization changes, a particular need for change management arises.

Clear Cube is experienced in handling changes in organization. We supply tools to master and track the change in order to create high-performing units and to achieve growth.


Workshop: „Golden Circle“

This format addresses all organizations, companies, departments or brands, which aim to highly strengthen their position - to the outside and also to the inside. The focus of this solution is to first ask the workshop participants WHY they do the things they do before dealing with WHAT they do.  

The essential contents of the workshop are:

The Golden Circle Model of Simon Sinek

A filter process for defining the priority issues

Customization of the Golden Circle: The definition of WHY and HOW we do it and WHAT we do.

Joint formulation of a Golden Circle for the specific area of business

Coordination of the Golden Circle with the participants of the workshop

As a follow up, the Golden Circle will be finalized, fine-tuned and presented by us in a graphic presentation.

Workshop: „Team and Leadership“

What do all leaders have in common? How do teams surprise us? On the basis of the book “Five Dysfunctions of a Team“ by Lencioni, we first explain why high performance teams quickly fail. Based on this, we developed an advisory approach and a workshop format, where a status for each team is determined in order to specifically work on its functions.

The workshop, the preparation and the follow-up involve five steps:

Leadership Alignment

In a personal preliminary interview between the manager and Clear Cube, the initial situation of the team is being analyzed in order to determine the goals for the team development.

Team Assessment

By means of an interactive and digital smartphone survey conducted with all team members, the current team status according to five performance factors is being determined.

Benchmark Analysis

The results of the survey are being evaluated and discussed with the manager first. During this step, the results can be compared to the reference values of the Clear Cube database.

Team Workshop

The main focus is determined on the basis of the survey results (in coordination with the manager). Only then, the team workshop containing a large number of interactive exercises and videos will be held.


The results of the workshop will be documented and discussed with the manager in a personal feedback session.

Workshop: „Let’s innovate“

Innovations are a promising and often even mandatory impulse for growth, but how do you get good ideas? And how do you differentiate between good and “right“ ideas?

We at Clear Cube start the innovation process with a joint workshop.

Definition of the guard rails, within the innovation can take place.

Presentation of different trends, which can be relevant for an innovation project of a company.

Presentation of customer insights collected in advance, which can give guidance regarding the direction of the search for innovations.

Deep dive into the presented trends and insights.

Development of first innovation ideas with different techniques: Pain spotting, immersion techniques, design thinking, brain storming…

Mapping of the ideas based on predetermined criteria.

Finding out together, where in your company the idea will be best implemented.

Workshop: „Digitize Me“

“Digitize Me“ is our format to support innovation processes. Our workshop contains keynote speeches, where participants learn what digitalization means and that fundamental rethinking is necessary to correctly approach digitalization. In the following, the participants go through the same steps as in the innovation workshop. Here, however, the focus lies on digital topics and business models.

Workshop: „Ride the Change“

It rarely works to have growth in companies without changing something fundamentally - from single work contents to the complete rearrangement of the organization.   It is not uncommon that individual departments are more concerned with the change than with their core tasks. Therefore, it is important to have well-prepared employees. For this, Clear Cube uses the model “House of Change“, whose rooms represent the typical development phases. The participants get to know the phases and will be prepared how to handle those phases - by themselves as well as together with their colleagues.